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Loose Weight by Scooping Tips from Dr Eric Berg

Our current population is often characterized by quite a large number of people, who are struggling with being overweight. The marketers have taken advantage of the situation, by bringing mediocre products in every given shelf in beauty shops and supermarkets, that claim to help them in losing fat. In our …

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Heart pump not found to cause cognitive problems

The use of a heart pump during bypass surgery to treat angina has previously been feared to cause cognitive defecits in recipients. However, recent reports show that the heart pump does not cause memory loss or deterioration of mental capacities. Dr. Guy McKhann of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine …

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About Dr. Eric Berg and His System for Burning Fat

Dr. Eric Berg is known as one of the most reputed weight loss doctors. He is also part of the panel of doctors on the Health Science Institute which is a newsletter with a circulation of more than 75,000 subscribers. He also owns his own newsletter and is known to …

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